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Signature Items

Bun Kabob
Bismillah Café has gained recognition for its famous Bun Kabob – a ground beef egg and lentil patty topped with a combination of tamarind and mint sauces that is hot and made to order.
The Café also offers a variety of chaats, including Papri Chaat that includes chickpeas and potato with sweet, sour, and mint chutney’s topped with sweet yogurt, crispy homemade chips, onions, and cilantro.
Ten Chicken Sandwich
The most popular item of them all is the TEN Chicken sandwich. This recipe has been passed on to Bismillah and is a living memory of the deceased owner of famous Ten Café. A chicken fillet is first grilled to perfection, then deep-fried to offer a one of a kind crispy texture, and finally dipped into a special TEN Spicy Sauce served between two burger buns with Swiss cheese and fresh produce. This one of a kind, original, crispy chicken sandwich is a perfect ten out of ten and will challenge any lover of spicy foods because at Bismillah Restaurant & Cafe, if you can take the heat, we can dish it out!
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